Twilight League

Twilight League starts June 2nd 

2 person teams. full handicap.

Teams will play 2 man Best Ball Match Play (best ball consists of each player playing their own ball and the better of the two scores for each hole count against your opponent including stroke{s} awarded by handicap)best score for the hole wins 1 point ties get 1/2 point total of 9 points available each week.

No bonus points awarded this year.

After 10 weeks there will be a 3 week playoff to determine the ultimate winners.


Closest to pin  #2 Ricky MacDonald 18’9”
                          # 8 Bill Mitchell 5’1”
Long Drive Eddie McCarthy



Closest to the pins:

#2 Eddie McCarthy 15'

#8 Paul Bujold 6' 1/2"

Long Drive Eddie McCarthy


Closest to pin #2 Al Smith 8’1”
                        # 3 Donnie Blake 28’1”
                        # 8 Ricky MacDonald 8’2”
Long Drive Donnie Blake



Closest to the Pins:

#2 Jeff Turner 27' 8"

#8 Jeff Turner 11'

Long Drive: Eddie McCarthy


Scramble no  points awarded.
      1st Todd Brackett-Terry Brackett. 34
      2nd Jeff Turner- Troy Turner 36
      3rd  Brian Bossie- Ken Martin 37 by match of cards
      1st Terry McCabe- Dave Clifford 29
      2nd Bill Mitchell-Paul Bujold 31
      3rd Dave Sawyer- Scott Pontau 32

Closest to pin #2  carry over
                        Todd Brackett 7’3”
Long Drive Todd Brackett


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