Senior Scramble



1st Dale Northrup, Terry McCabe, Janet Ray, Ed Cousins 62
2nd Kathy Sproul, Norma Michaud, Judy Edgecomb, Bobbie Berry 65

Closest to pin #2 Ricky MacDonald 14’4”
#8 Kim Pinkham 7’11”
Long Drive Ladies Judy Edgecomb
Men Ricky 2 gloves


1st Terry Washburn, Jack Tedrow, Terry McCabe 62
2nd Ken Martin, Larry Sikorsky, Janet Ray, Chuck Rappucci 64 by match of cards

Closest to pin #2 Carol Juchnik 14’6”
#8 Larry Sikora 6’2”
Long Drive Ladies carryover
Men Terry Washburn


1st Kim Pinkham, Munro Dodge, Janet Ray, Chuck Rappucci 61
2nd Dale Northrup, Bill Babb, Dave Clifford 64

Closest to pin #2 Munro Dodge 6’5”
#8 Dave Clifford 11’9 1/2”
Long Drive Ladies Kathy Downs
Men Ron Newton


1st Munro Dodge, Ed Cousins, Burt Worden, Carl Jordan 61
2nd Ricky MacDonald, Jack Tedrow, Elliot Day 63

Closest to pin #2 Mike White 14’9”
#8 Dale Northrup 6’11”
Long Drive Ladies Janet Ray
Men Ron Newton


1st Rick MacDonald, Bruce Lewis, Durwood Lewis, Kathy Sproul 67 (match of cards)

Closest to pin #2 Dave Drever 13’2”
#8 Ron Mansir 4’6”
Long Drive Ladies Janet Ray
Men Ron Mansir



1st Terry McCabe, Mark Kaman, Mike White 60
2nd Mike Wallace,Ray St. Pierre, Dave Drever, Carol Juchnik 61

Closest to pin #2 Mark Kaman 14’8”
#8 Ron Mansir 5’2 1/2 “
Long Drive Ladies Kathy Downs
Men Mike Wallace


1st Rick MacDonald, Dave Clifford, Linda Stetson 61 by match of cards
2nd Munro Dodge, Carl Jordan, Ron Mansir, Bert Worden 61

Closest to pin #2 Ken Creamer 20’8”
#8 Munro Dodge 14”
Long Drive Ladies Janet Ray
Men Ed Cousins



August 101st Munro Dodge, Dale Northrup, Charlotte Hall, Glen Bangs 61
2nd Ron Newton, Ron Mansir, Janet Ray,Allan Ray 64 by match of cards

Closest to pin #2 Dave Sawyer 9’6”
#8 Dale Northrup 16’11”
Long Drive Ladies Kathy Downs
Men Tom Atticks


1st Munro Dodge, Barry Grinell, Ricky MacDonald, Carl Jordan 61
2nd Ron Mansir, Chuck Rappucci, Larry Sikora 63

Closest to pin #2 Denny Keaton 9’7”
#8 Dave Davis 2’
Long Drive Ladies Kathy Downs
Men Terry Washburn

August 3

1st Don Blake, Bert Worden,Sheila Sawyer, Rick Real 63 (match of cards)
2nd Denny Keaton, Rachael Therriane, Tom Atticks, Ed Cousins 63

Closest to pin #2 Bill Mitchell 4’6”
                         #8 Bill Mitchell 5’3 1/2”
Long Drive Ladies Janet Ray
                    Men Denny Keaton


July 6

1st Ron Mansir, Jack Tedrow, Dale Northrup, Charlotte Hall, Ron Newton 63
2nd Terry Brackett, Ricky MacDonald, Ken Anderson, Burt Worden 64
3rd Monroe Dodge, Bruce Massey, Duey Graham, Jim Cox 65
3rd Dave Clifford, Dave Sawyer, Sheila Sawyer, Glen Bangs 65

Closest to pin #2 Denny Keaton 24’9”
                         #8 Dave Davies 12’5”
Long Drive Ladies Carol Juchnik
                     Men Denny Keaton



June 22

1st Ricky MacDonald, Carol Juchnik,Terry McCabe 63
2nd Terry Washburn, Ken Creamer, Bill Babb, Tom Atticks 65

Closest to pin #2 Bob Linker 22’5”
                         #8 Bill Babb 11’
Long Drive Ladies Janet Ray
                    Men Terry Washburn


June 15

1st Ron Mansir, Monro Dodge, Kathy Sproul, Carol Juchnik   61
2nd Ken Martin, Dave Drever, Mark Hallowell  62

Closest to pin #2 carryover
                         #8 Kathy Sproul 2’9 1/2”
Long Drive  Ladies Janet Ray
                     Men Mark Hallowell


June 8

1st Burt Worden, Ken Creamer, Ken Tower, Mike White 63
2nd Charlotte Hall, Dale Northrop, Ricky MacDonald, Bill Mitchell 64 match of cards

Closest to pin #2 Mike White 8’5”
                         #8 Bob Bell 3’4”
Long Drive Ladies Kathy Downes
                    Men Mark Hallowell


June 1

1st Terry Washburn, Ken Anderson, Kathy Downes.      65
2nd Terry Brackett, Dave Driver, Kathy Sproul.       66

Closest to the pin. #2 Terry Washburn 28’5”
                                #8 Bill Mitchell 12’6 1/2”
Long Drive Woman Kathy Downes
                    Men Dave Cliffor


May 25

1st 64-Jack Tedrow, Dave Clifford, Kathy Downes

2nd 67- Jerry Hoffman, Su Hoffman, Bill Mitchell, Jon Savcier 

Closest to the pins:

#2 Bill Mitchell 21' 4"

#8 Glen Bangs 6' 8"

Long Drives:

Men- Terry Washburn

Women- Charlotte Hall


1st 62-Ricky MacDonald, Kathy Downes, Dale Northrop 

2nd 65- Colin Roy, Dave Clifford, Ken Anderson, Terry McCabe

Closest to the pin:

#8 Dale Northrop

Long Drive Terry Washburn

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