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What is GHIN and why you need it

I thought that the best way to start the ball rolling on this blog is to explain what all the hoopla is about GHIN. First GHIN stands for "Golf Handicap and Information Network". I know, quite the mouthful, but as confusing as the system is it is quite easy to explain GHIN. GHIN keeps track of your scores and, through a complex formula, comes up with your handicap index. Your index is a number that travels with you anywhere in the world and allows you to play any person in the world with an even chance of winning. For instance I'm a 22 handicap if I were to play against a golfer with a 11 handicap they would have to spot me 11 strokes to make our game competitive. If I were to play against Tiger Woods (handicap +5.9) he would have to give me almost 28 strokes. Why do you need an official handicap?

1. Tracking scores helps improve your golf game.

2. Having your handicap will allow you to somewhat predict what score you will shoot at a different course or from different Tees on your home course

3. Tournament play and Match play use handicaps to make competition more equitable for more fun

GHIN is available to our members for a fee of $30 per year. You can post your scores on line from a link on our site or GHIN has it's own app so you can post from your phone.

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