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August 21 Finals

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Please read the 2018 League Rules below

Twilight League Rules



·        Three points for each team member or substitutes who plays on Tuesday after 4:30PM  (even if their match is scheduled for a different date)

·        Pick up after Double Par  (no handicap stroke awarded on pick up)

·        If both players pick up at 2x par no winner

·        Point for each hole won. ½ point each for tie.

·        One point for low net

·        62 and over play  Gold + White Tees

·        80 and over play Red Tees

·        Please total and sign your score cards before turning them in, it helps us avoid mistakes.

·        Handicaps 15 + over may take drop for lost ball or out of bounds ball. One stroke penalty applies.

·        All matches must be made up before Saturday!

·        No Show – no call get 0 points. Opponent 10 points (plus 3 points for show and play)

·        Mutually agreed cancellations each team gets 5 points


League is never canceled due to weather. It is the responsibility of the individuals to make the decision to contact their scheduled opponent, no later than 4 pm. Do not call the clubhouse to make that arrangement for you. Phone number & schedules are available online or contact the clubhouse for that info.


If you don’t like to spend time hanging out we suggest you contact your opponent and arrange your tee time. All weekly schedules and phone numbers are posted on the website as well as in the clubhouse.


Each week golfer in each slot (ABCD) with low net will earn $5.00.               

League Champs will earn $50 each.

2nd Place team each player will earn $25.

Reminder of the funds go to cookouts, shirts & related expenses.